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Parent Consent for In-Person COVID-19 Testing 4/29
Posted 4/26/21

All future testing during the spring 2021 semester will take place at school sites. Because COVID testing will be conducted at school, there is no need for you to make appointments for future COVID tests.  The students participating in the school-based testing program will continue to receive a Daily Pass QR code.  This Thursday, on April 29 students and staff will be tested by a health care team as part of the weekly protocol for in person learning.  Parents who selected in person learning for their child understand that testing will be done at school on a weekly basis. Students can not opt out from taking the test.  

Parents who had children tested at an LAUSD testing site have already provided consent for weekly testing.  Parents who did their baseline test through an outside provider (e.g., Kaiser, CVS, etc.) do have to come in and give consent for the initial on-campus test and all future testing at the school site this Thursday. Please complete the form below to provide consent for on-campus testing if you have not tested at an LAUSD testing site.

Parent/Adult In-Person COVID Test Consent Form (English)

Parent/Adult In-Person COVID Test Consent Form (Spanish)