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Safe Steps to Safe Schools

LAUSD Safe Steps to Safe Schools Program

In order to provide the safest possible school environment for staff, students, and families, Los Angeles Unified is providing a range of services to keep school communities safe. Rigorous COVID-19 testing and vaccines are widely available students, families, and employees across the district. L.A. Unified also uses the Daily Pass as a one-stop web app to help you access the appointment center, receive test results, and create a day pass to enter a school campus. Please see the resources below or visit LAUSD's Safe Steps to Safe Schools website for more information. 

As we receive information about students and/or staff testing positive for COVID-19 during our weekly tests at school, please know we will always notify the community.  We are following all District and CDC guidelines, and all close contacts have already been notified.  Cleaning and disinfecting of the exposed location have been completed.  Please know that we are all following social distancing guidelines at all times by wearing our masks and social distancing as best possible. Health screening of students and staff for COVID-19, which includes the Daily Pass, are conducted daily prior to anyone entering the facility to help keep a safe educational environment.  Please note that all information, including the name(s) of ill persons, shared regarding any Public Health investigation is confidential in order to protect patient privacy.  Should you have any questions, please feel free to call the school at (818) 367-5816.

Safe Steps to Safe Schools - Readiness Report Card
Safe Steps to Safe Schools - Frequently Asked Questions
Coffee with the Principal On Full In-Person Return: July 27, 2021
Daily Pass

The Daily Pass app is designed just for LAUSD students, families, and staff to facilitate a safe return to school. In order to enter a school campus, you must complete a quick daily health check through the app and generate a QR code for the specific day and school site. A "Welcomer" at the school site will scan your QR code and take your temperature at the school entrance. The Daily Pass app is also available through Microsoft Power Apps, which can be downloaded on your iPhone or Android. View the resources below or visit the LAUSD Daily Pass Website for more details.

COVID-19 Testing

All students returning to school in-person must submit a negative test result. You can schedule a baseline test at an LAUSD testing site (see flyer below). They are free and quick, and ensure your personal information is kept confidential. Schedule a test here. View locations at the map below, and register for free transportation to and from your test appointment (see flyer below). Map courtesy of LAUSD Safe Steps to Safe Schools.




Please view the resources below to find out if you are eligible for a vaccine at this time, to find vaccination locations, and to schedule an appointment. Map courtesy of LAUSD Safe Steps to Safe Schools.

  • 1. To schedule an appointment with Los Angeles Unified, visit LAUSD's website.
  • 2. For families wanting to get vaccinated with Los Angeles Unified, call the vaccinations hotline at (213) 328-3958. View locations at the map below.               
  • 3. To check your eligibility with California Department of Public Health visit the My Turn website.
Maintaining safe schools
Protocols While On Campus